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Touch nozzle for Xiaomi smartda induction home water sensor hd-znjsq-02 Crane

Touch nozzle for Xiaomi smartda induction home water sensor hd-znjsq-02 Crane

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Type: Faucet Cartridges

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: HD-ZNJSQ-02

Material: Stainless Steel

Item No.: << 203707 >>

Brand Name: XIAOMI

Xiaomi Water Saving Devices White -Modern water saving device

Xiaomi water saving devices White is a touch nozzle on the faucet that turns your regular mixer into a faucet of the future.

Once again, Xiaomi gives us a useful device for the house. This time we will talk with you about the nozzle they produced on the water faucet. Of course, the Chinese would not be themselves, if they did not even do a water-saving device "smart". And it can greatly simplify your life and make the pleasure of using the tap. How? Let us know.

First of all, let's see what this device is.

The nozzle itself is a small white nozzle, which connects to the crane in the place of the mixer. In the kit, by the way, there are 6 different adapters, so do not be afraid that it may not fit in diameter. Also on the case you will be able to see 2 infrared sensors-one is on the side and the other is on the bottom. But we'll talk about them later. On the left side is a micro USB connector, necessary for charging the device. Yes, as it would be amazing not to sound, but even such a device should be charged. True, to do this, according to the manufacturer, will only have to once every six months, but nevertheless. The connector is closed with a rubber plug, and the device itself, by the way, has a waterproof standard ipx6, which allows you to absolutely not worry about what you want. That charging is necessary, the indicator light will report.

Let's move on to technical capabilities.

Start, perhaps, with infrared sensors. Surely you have seen cranes in public toilets, where you do not need to twist the handle and just bring your hands. Well, it's almost the same here, only the best. First, there are 2 sensors, at the bottom of the device and on the right side. The lower infrared sensor works at a distance of 0-10 cm. You just lift your hands, a glass or something, and the water comes from the tap. An important feature is that this sensor only works when there is something in its "field of view". Immediately after you remove your hands from it, the water will stop flowing. It is made specifically to save water when it is not used. But if you need water to flow constantly, there is a second sensor working already at a smaller distance-up to 5 cm. It is enough to hold a hand next to it, and the water will turn on. Hold again-will turn off. Elementary! If for some reason you forgot to "turn off" the water supply, then it will automatically be presented within 3 minutes, after which it will stop itself. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the delay in the operation of the sensors is only 0,25 seconds, so you will not even notice the difference.

So, let's figure out why the device is called water-saving. In addition to the fact that the nozzle can stop the transmission of water immediately, as you remove the hand, the Xiaomi water saving devices has a board that, using a special algorithm, analyzes to analyze This allows you to reduce power consumption and, as already noted, provides fast, almost instant, water supply without the need to somehow interact with the crane itself. An important feature of the mixer is that the water in the device is mixed with the air, thus there is not only water purification, but also its noticeable savings.

In summary, you can note several of the most important advantages of Xiaomi water saving devices: 1. The device has a neat and compact design that will not spoil the appearance of your sink and faucet, and in contrast will give them a futuristic-modern look.

2. the mixer is easy to install, as the kit includes 6 different nozzles and a special tool for fixing the device.

3. the nozzle turns the normal faucet into induction, that is, no need to touch the faucet handle, as everything works thanks to the sensors.

4. the device contributes to saving electricity and water. Together with this, the charging of the device itself is enough for 6 months

5. the price of Xiaomi water saving devices is at least several times lower than other manufacturers of similar mixer.

You can safely say that installing such a device in your house will bring you only joy and tranquility. Perhaps, thanks to such a modern nozzle, you even more often want to wash the dishes yourself, because when the water begins to go from the sink thanks to the wave of your hand, you begin

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Ezra Langworth

Touch nozzle for Xiaomi smartda induction home water sensor hd-znjsq-02 Crane

Aurelia Wisozk

Received, thank you.

Samir Paucek

Touch nozzle for Xiaomi smartda induction home water sensor hd-znjsq-02 Crane

Meta Casper

OK! only fit one tap. the mixer does not go, the pressure in cold and hot water is different.